16 December 2023 / 24 January 2024

Artisti a Frisanco” is the title chosen for the contemporary art exhibition organised by Artestruttura in collaboration with artistic director Nevio Zorzetto. The marvellous Palazzo Pognici, located in the beautiful setting of Frisanco (Pordenone), hosts the works of around thirty international artists. The villages of Frisanco and Poffabro, located a few steps away, have been officially awarded for their beauty, becoming part of the "most beautiful villages in Italy". During the Christmas period, the village of Poffabro turns into a wonderful open-air nativity scene and attracts tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world. The exhibition is designed specifically to be set in this fantastic context. Among the numerous rooms of the palace, it is possible to admire paintings, sculptures, installations, large-scale mosaics and some examples of digital sculptures on canvas. In order to complete the exhibition, a detailed “ItaliArts” catalogue was produced. Cover artwork by artist Ferruccio Franz.

Artists / Augusto Ambrosone, Enzo Angiuoni, Paola Bega, Alda Bòscaro, Paola Bradamante, Manuela Brisinello, Giancarlo Caneva, Giovanna Carbone, Ferruccio Franz, Gianfranco Gasparotto, Valeria Grinfan Toderini, Gianni Maglio, Enrico Marras, Pina Meneghin Buzzacchera, Valter Menuzzo, Giampaolo Muliari, Donatella Nardari, Mario Papa (Miroa), Silvia Pavan, Giuseppina Pioli, Alida Puppo, Claudia Raza, Guillermina Rivera (Guikni), Noah e Cesare Serafino, Silvano Serdino (Cildi), Germana Snaidero, Giovanni Toniatti Giacometti, Franco Trevisan, Lucia Zamburlini, Nevio Zorzetto, Antonio Zucchiatti