17 September / 25 September 2016

After the success in Paris,Artestruttura comes to Tivoli in the evocative spaces of Scuderie Estensi. The book, which is created by the ideal twinning of Italian and Turkish artistic and cultural movements, is the catalogue of the exhibition held from 17 to 25 September 2016, part of the official event of Settembre Tiburtino 2016. Exhibition and catalogue edited by Giorgio Bertozzi, Giancarlo Caneva and Ferdan Yusufi. Editorial coordination: Stefano Ferracci and Sonia Paolone. Critical article edited by Leo Strozzieri and introduction by Giorgio Bertozzi. On the cover "Pioppeti", a work by Carla Galli Morandi.

"The paintings look at you - the expression is attributed to Paul Klee - and lead the "wise" user of a work of art to humility or at least to reduce arrogance. They look at you, forcing you to give up any literary or philosophical elucubrations to instead focus attention on the essential values of language: the chromatic aspect, the sign component, the compositional skill, the luministic play, the lumpy gestures of the material, the dynamic boldness forms and so on... Therefore, giving credence to the aforementioned quote by Klee in my opinion imbued with the exclaimed wisdom "The paintings look at you" and still obedient to the triadic orthodoxy of art centered on color, sign and light, the reader has to observe the works of this exhibition not only by privileging the story of each single painting, but rather the pictorial texture implied therein."

Catalogo Artisti a Tivoli

Artists / Lale Aghayeva Urek, Elif Ajdarkosh, Ayca Alper Akcay, Beatrice Antalya, Giampaolo Atzeni, Huri Aykut Ulker, Zehra Basaran, Giovanni Basso, Sabahat Bayar, Merve Bekket, Clara Benedetti Orsano, Banu Bicen, Claudio Bonanni, Borzani, Alda Bòscaro, Giancarlo Caneva, Eugenio Cerrato, Ugo Maria Cionfrini, Luigi Colombi “Conte”, Iure Cormic, Ridvan Coskun, Milena Crupi, Esra Cubuk, Maria Pia Daidone, Stefano Ferracci, Massimo Ferri, Davide Frisoni, Carla Galli Morandi, Silvana Gatti, Mauro Gentile, Giocampo, Romina Giordano, Musa Guney, Karaahmetoglu Anber Haciraifoglu, Hale Karacelik, Evsen Zehra Keskin, Alfonso Mangone, Enrico Marras, Ginia May, Laura Migotto, Giampaolo Muliari, Emel Ors, Guler Ozcan, Pelin Ozer, Rezan Ozger, Ihsan Ozuysal, Mario Palma, Annamaria Panarace, Francesca Pellegrino, Giuseppina Pioli, Alida Puppo, Claudia Raza, Orfeo Reda, Giuseppe Resci, Hector Rigel, Alessandro Rocchi, Vito Sardano, Maurizio Scarpari, Sabriye Seker, Cuneyt Senyavas, Gul Seray Artut, Alessio Serpetti, Evren Sezgin, Sergio Simeoni (Serpic), Leo Strozzieri, Gulseren Sudor, Teoman Sudor, Meral Tekcan, Emre Yusufi, Luciana Zabarella, Antonio Zucchiatti