31 July / 28 August 2021

After the "Extra Moenia" event, the splendid exhibition spaces located on the San Servolo Island host a new collective exhibition of contemporary Italian artists with the aim to continue the previous event by presenting new painters, photographers and sculptors. The curator is Andrea Vizzini. The exhibition is documented by an Italiarts catalogue, which showcases twenty-eight contemporary artists. On the front and back cover, two works by Piero Boni.

"Humanity and art are actually born together. From the very beginning, when he was just a humanoid, therefore very different from how we understand it today, devoid of language and writing, struggled between caves and unaware of the existence of the wheel, however, art already existed. And even if this has points in common with the incredible, it still shows us that, as Oscar Wilde said, life tends to imitate art, more than art imitates life... But in any case, we cannot ignore art."

Artists / Piero Boni, Michele Agostinelli, Donatella Bartoli, Giancarlo Caneva, Giovanna Carbone, Silvia Castelli, Dayse Rodrigues, Maria De Pasquale, Enrico Fraschetti, Ferruccio Franz, Giuliana Maddalena Fusari, July Girardi, Grey (Giovanni Grigoletto), Pietro Lembo, Tonia Longo, Grazia Lops, Giuseppe Lorenzet, Paolo Marazzi, Nick Giu (Nicola Giuliani), Donato Pace, Antonio Rauno Piccini, Laura Recchia, Laura Ruggiero, Cesare e Lucio Tiziano Serafino, Stefero (Angela Albergo), Giorgio Zanet, Leonardo Zanin, Antonio Zucchiatti