22 May / 28 August 2021

The exhibition complex on the San Servolo Island hosts Intra Moenia (inside the walls), an exhibition featuring the artists participating in the official collateral event "Senza Terra / Pomerio", selected for the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale. For many of the fifty artists on display are inevitable the references to the pandemic but also to the ecological and social issues connected to it. The expressive methods and techniques, are varied and fascinating, with a prevalence of painting and a significant presence of photography, sculpture and installations. Organized by Artestruttura, editorial coordination and critical text by Boris Brollo, English translations by Andrea Lodolo. On the front and back cover, two works by Pier Toffoletti.

“The artists displayed are those who supported the collective project of “Senza Terra / Pomerio (Without Land / Pomerium)”, a collateral event of the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale 2021. “Senza Terra / Pomerio” is a social project that refers to the common life of our Venetian people who, to escape from the barbarian invasions, moved to the nearby islands (now Venice) from the mainland, and settled in there waiting for the withdrawal of the barbarian hordes. In the meantime, not being able to build stable elements, they used to overturn the boats and, supporting them with oars, they used them as roofs and shelters for their daily life."

Artists / Stefania Basso, Emiliano Bazzanella, Giuliana Bellini, Bluer (Lorenzo Viscidi), Alda Bòscaro, Svetlana Boyarkina, Paola Bradamante, Clara Brasca, Carmine Calvanese, Carmela Candido, Giulio Candussio, Giancarlo Caneva, Marcello Caporale, Domenico Castaldi, Giampietro Cavedon, Auro e Celso Ceccobelli, Pino Chimenti, Milena Crupi, Bruno Donzelli, Mirko Filipuzzi, Carlo Fontana, Franz (Francesco Pelizza), Carla Galli Morandi, Ferruccio Gard, Mauro Gentile, Giovanni Grigolini, Stella Lubuzhskaya, Maria Luisa Liviero, Roberto Lucato, Paolo Marazzi, Melchiorre Napolitano, Lucia Paese, Biagio Pancino, Mauro Peloso, Giuseppina Pioli, Claudia Raza, Carla Rigato, Pietro Ronzat, Giovanni Ronzoni, Andrea Rossi Andrea, Domenico Scolaro, Cesare e Lucio Tiziano Serafino, Alessio Serpetti, Simone Simon Ostan, Rosa Spina, Pier Toffoletti, Lucia Tomasi, Giovanni Toniatti Giacometti, Luciana Zabarella, Antonio Zucchiatti