2 October / 30 October 2021

The Villa Toppo-Wassermann hosts the exhibition of contemporary artists “Arie italiane“. Built in the sixteenth century on the site of a medieval farm and then largely remodelled in the eighteenth century, the villa was a holiday resort and administrative headquarters for the Toppo family. With the extinction of the family, the propriety of the building was transferred to the public administration and today belongs to the Municipality of Travesio (Pordenone). Fifty artists display their works including painting, mixed techniques, sculpture and digital art. The exhibition is enriched by an Italiarts catalogue. Critical text by Boris Brollo and on the cover a work by the artist Giorgio Celiberti.

"Art is now divided between a highly effective artisanal manipulation, and some particular presences that must be subtracted from the imperiousness of the figurative and non-figurative images, which dominates us in every step we take. It is not possible to indicate which form of art to direct us towards today, considering the extreme individuality and questionability of the choices. It is in the creative sphere of this melting pot that will probably be born, if not a new artistic current, a new image that expresses the time we live in. Just as every song that is born is linked to the moment and among the many beautiful ones, you can choose the best one. For this reason and in memory of our great musical season of the past, we wanted to call this exhibition 'Arie Italiane'."

Artists / Paola Bega, Piero Boni, Francesco Borzani, Alda Bòscaro, Clara Brasca, Carmela Candido, Giulio Candussio, Giancarlo Caneva, Giovanna Carbone e Leo Strozzieri, Giampietro Cavedon, Giorgio Celiberti, Maristella Chiarello (Mariki), Adriana Collovati, Arlia-Hamda Elmi, Mirko Filipuzzi, Francesca Fiore, Ferruccio Franz, Loris Gori (De Lory), Grey (Giovanni Grigoletto), Simon Del Grillo, Pietro Lembo, Giuseppe Lorenzet, Paolo Marazzi, Enrico Marras, Patrizia Matera, Mila Mecchia, Edi Miotto, Laura Mircea, Paola Moretti, Giampaolo Muliari, Giuseppina Pioli, Alida Puppo, Claudia Raza, Laura Recchia, Enea Romanelli, Pietro Ronzat, Cesare e Lucio Tiziano Serafino, Antonio Sergi, SOS (Simon Ostan Simone), Elettra Spalla Pizzorno, Carlo Stragapede, Massimo Tanzi, Lucia Tomasi, Giovanni Toniatti Giacometti, Angelo Toppazzini, Elisabetta Turani,  Giorgio Zanet, Leonardo Zanin, Antonio Zucchiatti