13 May / 28 May 2022

“Arte come realtà e profezia” is the title of the exhibition held in Istanbul, a cosmopolitan city between Europe and Asia, on the Bosphorus strait. The event is curated by the art critic Leo Strozzieri and takes place in a very important venue: the Asmalimescit Art Gallery, located in the city centre, just a few steps away from the Galata Tower. In the exhibition and in the catalogue “ItaliArts” over thirty artists confront themselves between painting, sculpture and graphics in a great variety of crafts and artistic influences. The cover of the volume is dedicated to the artist Adriana Collovati.

"These are artists, some of whom are now historicized, who used the most varied techniques in their compositions, while at the same time offering a vast sample of the various path of research in contemporary Italian art. We therefore range from convincing examples of figurative art or rather of iconic art with truly suggestive landscape visions where the visual references are evident to the reader, to forms of abstract art, sometimes even lyrical, as well as geometric and informal. There is no lack of works with implicit references to conceptual art that we know to have privileged the externalization of concepts and ideas to the detriment of formal values and aesthetic pleasure".

Artists / Adriana Collovati, Augusto Ambrosone, Paola Bega, Alda Bòscaro, Giancarlo Caneva, Giovanna Carbone, Giorgio Celiberti, Maristella Chiarello (Mariki), Arlia-Hamda Elmi, Carlo Fontana, Carla Galli Morandi, July Girardi, Tonia Longo, Gianni Maglio, Paolo Marazzi, Marinka, Marvin, Laura Mircea, Paola Moretti, Giampaolo Muliari, Gianni Pedullà, Giuseppina Pioli, Claudia Raza, Laura Recchia, Gabriele Saxa, Cesare e Noah Serafino, Angela Albergo (Stefero), Carlo Stragapede, Leo Strozzieri, Andrea Vizzini, Luciana Zabarella, Giorgio Zanet, Irene Zangheri, Nevio Zorzetto, Antonio Zucchiatti