19 June / 30 July 2022

In Bottenicco di Moimacco, a small rural village on the outskirts of Cividale del Friuli in the province of Udine, in the beautiful Villa de Claricini Dornpacher built around the middle of the XVII century, takes place “Imprevedibilità – contaminazioni artistiche nella mitteleuropa”, an international exhibition that involves artists from six countries: Italy, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary. The exhibition, curated by art critic Mario Guderzo is realised on the initiative of <strong de Claricini Dornpacher Foundation and Artestruttura. The theme of the art show is the unpredictability, a very current topic, which in this period, is perceived by each of us. To accompany the exhibition, a detailed volume “ItaliArts” was produced. On the cover a work by the master Giorgio Celiberti.

"In art, the unpredictable is always present. The artist plays with the destiny, that is unpredictable. The artist, immersed in the contemporary world, knows that he must redefine the temporal parameters of his art. The artist must choose between the ideal in his art and the representation of nature in itself. Sometimes it blends styles. As Gombrich said, today with the term "art" we mean something very complex that is due to the artist's work and its final realization. Although the work of art is the manifestation of the artist, we must focus our attention to it: look, observe, imagine and dream. A work of art has to satisfy three parameters: it must tell a story; it must be capable to unleash feelings and emotions in those who observe it and must possess a truth. This last characteristic is not only connected with the image itself, but also with the materials used and with the story of its creation. Unlike the historical artists who produced their work on commission, that could sometimes result in a clash with the client and a consequent unexpected refusal, contemporary artists can offer to the public their own projects, full of thoughts and emotions, free from constraints."

Artists / Odino Bacchin, Paola Bega, Bluer (Lorenzo Viscidi), Alda Bòscaro, Paola Bradamante, Alessandro Cadamuro, Giancarlo Caneva, Giampietro Cavedon, Giorgio Celiberti, Adriana Collovati, Antonio Crivellari, Pietro De Campo, Giuliano De Luca, Claudio Mario Feruglio, Carlo Fontanella, Ado Furlanetto, Carla Galli Morandi, Ugo Gangheri, Marvin (Martha Vendrame), Giovanni Meneguzzo, Paola Moretti, Claudia Raza, Cesare Serafino, Serpic (Sergio Simeoni),  Simon Del Grillo, Alessandra Spizzo, Pier Toffoletti, Andrea Vizzini, Luciana Zabarella, Antonio Zucchiatti, Gabriele Saxa, Larissa Tomassetti, Radovan Kunic, Zdravko Milic, Bruno Paladin, Peter Casagrande, Ruth Kohler, Andreas Legath, Angelika Michalik, Igor Banfi, Monika Lazar, Tilen Zbona, Tünde Enéh Odor